The Land of Nothingness

Hey guys! I’m back with my next poem, titled “The Land of Nothingness”. Enjoy! And please do leave a like if you enjoyed it, and a comment too, if you feel like it. Your opinions are most welcome.

As vanish many a mortal thing,
As they vapourise into darkness;
They enter a realm of nothing,
The realm of nothingness.

Behold, this empty void,
Devoid of all but the dark
Unbeknownst to all mortals,
Its existence a fantasy stark

Yet a land naught but real,
An invisible vacuum desolate;
Home to all imaginary,
A void of unknown fate.

All teleport to this universe,
What memories we discard-
Ideas thought and forgotten,
Memories that leave us scarred.

At the heart of nothingness
Exists a singularity;
Swallows all that arrive,
As destroys them for eternity.

Its a beautiful realm of chaos,
Of emptiness throughout.
You cannot witness the beauty,
Within or without.

‘Tcan only be seen or felt
By those with nothing;
Only they know how it feels
To be devoid of everything.

The realm of nothing
Is lovely on its own.
But appreciate reality,
Not the land of unknown.     

-The Forgers of Fantasy

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