The Suicide

This is a poem dedicated to all who committed suicide due to abuse, physical or mental torment, hurtful bullying, or any such reason. Such people deserved much more than a life they were forced to end. Do share it with others, and tell the story of children and adults such as this little one.

I present y’all a poem
Which, more than all told
Reflect my only thoughts,
Those bitter and cold.

A story of one damned,
Who, plagued by strife
Was compelled to decide
To end his life.

A piece of trash,
A pathetic rat,
A raving lunatic,
A miserable bat…

So he was perceived
By all around him.
Tortured and abused,
Surrendered to the Grim.

He just wanted peace,
To be left alone.
No place ever welcome
No house a home.

His father in jail,
His mother dead.
A hemorrhage of hatred,
A tsunami of dread.

No person loved him,
No family ever kind…
None who understood
His tormented mind.

He sat alone
When he could.
Didn’t lead the life
Everyone would.

Dreamt of a life
Where he had friends.
Just one life normal,
With a normal end.

All he ever yearned;
Even a shred of happiness
Would glow bright amidst
His mountain of sadness.

Was that too much
To grant a boy
Whose heart rent,
Whose soul destroyed?

It don’t matter anymore,
For he is dead.
No remains remain
Of that life shred.

Plagued by depression,
Couldn’t stand it at all.
Hence made his choice,
Chose his downfall.

The only thought
In his mind,
The only friend
He could ever find.

Even if imaginary,
He gave the boy heart.
Even if unreal,
He played a true friend’s part.

And so died
A victim of torture;
Of abuse, of torment
Of unforgivable nature.

Yet the only thing
I can ever do
Is tell his story
To you.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

For more such poems, refer .


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