Fraternal Love

Hey all! I’m back with my next poem, titled “Fraternal Love”. Enjoy!

In an era
Of violent conflict,
Burning our world
Bit by bit,

In a world
Plagued by war,
Remnants of joy
Put behind bars,

I can’t imagine
What might be
If there exists

A single fraternity,

Its members but
All of life,

Where none shall
Raise a knife,

Where all exist
Perceiving each other
Part of family,
Sisters and brothers.

In a world
Joy once hove,
I truly believe
In fraternal love.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

P.S: I challenged myself to write a poem in which each line consists of only 3 words, and et viola! 😉

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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