The Forgers of Fantasy,

We write the stuff of dreams;

Some may bring sorrow,

Some make you beam!

Hey reader! We write poems, some abstract and some based on stories. Go ahead, explore our works, and enjoy!

My Latest Posts

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  • Mountains Tall and Rocks Aloft
    Hey guys, this is my first kyrielle, titled “Mountains Tall and Rocks Aloft”. Enjoy! Mountains tall and rocks aloft,A beautiful river flows;Lush greenery endowedWith sweet water of’t. Mountains tall and…More
  • PervALert(A tribute)
    This is adapted from @navinspoetry ‘s excellent poem on perverts and freaks in Instagram, who sexually harass innocent girls and prey on them. This is to say, “I agree with…More
  • The River- Part 2
    @Navinspoetry, this is written and expressed from my heart. I hope you’ll enjoy it! It runs,An incorrigible signOf tranquility and calm,Of the thoughts that flowLike fluid, on fallowPeriods of time,From…More
  • The River Flows
    One beautiful,Graceful river flows;Washing away with itSins committed by the wicked,Bringing with it joy,To all unfortunateSouls destroyed. -The Forgers of Fantasy For more such poems, refer https://theforgersoffantasy.art.blog/More
  • Era of the DJ
    Today folks, I wanna share a poem with y’all, that I wrote to my biology teacher, Dhananjayan Rajendran, affectionately known as DJ by us. He was the undisputed best among…More
  • Views of a Poetic Freak
    This is the story of a poet, who was treated badly in school and couldn’t stand the bullying and insults of his classmates, hence ending his life.This is a tribute…More
  • Hatred-A poem
    Hey guys!I am back with my next poem, titled “Hatred”. Enjoy! A hint of hatred,A splash of sarcasm;Cold, unwelcome spasmsQuake the defenseless; A touch of bullying,A lick of loathing;Cold, unwelcome…More
  • The Sprinter
    Hey all!I am back with my next poem: The Sprinter. Also, I won’t be blogging a lot from now, as I have my exams to worry about. Enjoy!And do suggest…More
  • Amanda!
    A musette based on the poem “Amanda!” by Robin Klein. Enjoy!Do leave a like if you liked it! Why nagMe, why botherWith fag? “Don’t bite Your nails, set your Back…More
  • Ambri, the Apples of Indian Eyes
    Hey guys!I’m back with a musette, this time about the wonderful, lip smacking Ambri apples of Kashmir!Enjoy! Apples, For which one wouldGrapple With anElephant;suchHuge fans Are weOf none other Than the Ambri,Fruits,…More

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