The Vampire-Part 2,3,4

Hey guys!I'm back with the next three parts of "The Vampire", as I won't be writing a lot anymore. Enjoy! And do leave a like and a comment too, if you feel like it.'Twas night in Kanton,All quiet and still.Not a sound heard;Nor an owl's hoot shrill.A day of rejoicingFor one young girl.A day of …

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The onlyFlame, that meltsThe coldest of hearts;The onlyOne, that dousesThe inferno of hatredIs Love.P.S:I couldn't find a good word for "coolant",so please don't mind😉.For more such poems, refer

The Vampire

Hey guys!I'm back with this poem titled "The Vampire". It's part of a horror-romance story I'm writing. I'll be back with the next ones soon!None know whatAwaits at the end;The smell of Paradise,Or Hell's Fiends.Yet there was oneWho knew Death;What ambushed oneAt his last breath.Cursed to sufferPunishment eternal.Doomed to be painedLike none ever shall.Altar Acraxus,The …

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A true friendship

If you wereThe only true friendWho'd stay till the end,I would treasure all the momentsWe spent with each otherLike sister and brotherUntil the end. My second Heptastitch poem. Enjoy! For more such poems, refer

Extreme Horror

Romance,comedy,fantasy,action......... most of us like them all right?Well, here's a small poem about one of the most underrated genres, horror. Straight from the flaming forge of a horror poet. Enjoy! Enjoy the thrill,Savor the horror.Endure the pain,Sustain the murder.Relish the mystery,Covet the gore.Tolerate the blood,Crave not for more!Toy with the realmsCreate your own talesMeander not …

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A Greenhorn’s Guide to Lord Calculus the Cataclysmic

Lord Trigonometry is surely troublesome at times, but there's one other guy who is, without doubt the real boss around here. So here's a greenhorn's introduction to the Great Lord Calculus. For those of y'all who find him a bummer, you aren't alone! Maths is fun,Full of riddles.We can have fun,Play and piddle.The numbers, its …

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