Hey guys!I'm back with a freeverse poem based on the creatures that we all love so much, dogs. Enjoy!Dogs,Best friendsOf human beings,Adorable little fur balls,Cute,loyal,friendly,caring,comforting;Who'll stand beside youTill your downfall,Best friendsForever.-The Forgers of FantasyFor more such poems, you can refer

River, glacier

Hey guys!I'm back with my first diamante, a form of poetry shaped like a diamond(supposedly).Enjoy!RiverGraceful,continuous,Flowing,dashing,meandering,Wet,turbulent,dry,smooth,Freezing,melting,floating,Slippery,broad GlacierRefer to to know more about a diamante.For more such poems, refer


Hey all!I'm back with a freeverse poem titled "Memories", inspired by @navinspoetry 's wonderful poem "Teardrops". Enjoy!AloneAt night,Lost in thought;Memories of the pastCome to haunt my mind,That continue to lastAs happy ones,Or harrowingScars.You can read @navinspoetry 's poem Teardrops here: more such poems, refer

Sleep, never to wake

Hey all!I'm back with my first alouette, a form of poetry invented by Jan Turner, whose rules are as follows:Syllable limit:5-5-7-5-5-7 for each line respectively, each stanza has 6 lines.Rhyme scheme: a-a-b-c-c-bSleep, never everTo wake,foreverLost in fantasy, your dreams;Desire for sleep eternalBrings joy, yet vernal;It flows like a stream,Sleep, never everTo wake forever,That desire within;Your …

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Hey guys!My friends somehow persuaded me to write this small, impromptu poem on the memes we all know and love(count me out of it!). Enjoy!Memes, legendary,The stuff of thoughtsExpressed better,Than can be broughtOut by words,Through the magicOf computerized creations;All made graphic.These digital marvelsCreated to enhanceThe humour of a messageAt a single glance!Some can be complex,Hard …

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Music-A set of senryus

Hey all!This is my first attempt at crafting a set of senryus, based on music. Enjoy!A wave of musicWashes away all troubles,Relaxes the soul.Its soothing embraceFrees heart of harrowing rue;Such is its nature.Its heartening voicePurges the mind of all sorrow,Restores happiness.Music, a magic,A nonpariel masterpieceOf the great lords. -The Forgers of FantasyFor more poems, refer …

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Extreme horror-2

Hey guys!I'm back with Extreme horror-2, a kind of continuation of its predecessor poem, extreme horror.Enjoy!In this realmOf horror extreme,Reside the dreadedOf corrupt dreams.Traverse carefullyIn this realm;The weak areEasily overwhelmedBy its nature harsh,Its many nightmares;More cruel and darkThan one can bear.Traverse carefullyIn this sphereOf blood and gore,Of crippling fear.The weak can'tSurvive here;They shall lose thatWhich …

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Play-A repeator

Hey all!I'm back with my next poem, titled "Play".I call this a repeator, as one line repeats almost everywhere, and the format of the first line of every stanza's the same, only one or two words change.Enjoy!O!Look at those dogsRunning with joy,Playing with passion,Like us young boys!O!Look at those rabbitsScurrying, tumbling around,Playing with passion,Rolling on …

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Death-A poem

Hey guys!I'm back with my next poem, titled "Death".Enjoy!Do leave a like if you enjoyed it!How does it feel,Breathing your last;Lying on your deathbed,Your loved ones aghast?How does it feelTo reach the end;The end of the road,Leaving family and friends?Your heart strippedOf all life within;Memories disappearOf joy, of sins.Your soul yankedFrom body withered;Death strikes from …

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