Sleep, never to wake

Hey all!I’m back with my first alouette, a form of poetry invented by Jan Turner, whose rules are as follows:

Syllable limit:5-5-7-5-5-7 for each line respectively, each stanza has 6 lines.
Rhyme scheme: a-a-b-c-c-b

Sleep, never ever
To wake,forever
Lost in fantasy, your dreams;

Desire for sleep eternal
Brings joy, yet vernal;
It flows like a stream,

Sleep, never ever
To wake forever,

That desire within;
Your mind and heart seeking rest,
Purging all detest

Before the next day begins.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

For more such poems, refer

5 thoughts on “Sleep, never to wake

  1. I love how you experiment with new verse forms: I enjoyed this one; although I write mainly in free verse I like to see what other poets are innovating: the most recent was a ‘musette’ 🙂 I found this on a post a week or so ago —

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