Control and Coordination

Hey all! I'm back with my next etheree. Enjoy!The HumanBrain, a trueWonder indeed!One of God's marvels,A world within a world,Neurons connected withinAn intricate, complex network,So wondrously arranged within us,'Tis a masterpiece none can replicate. -The Forgers of FantasyFor more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

The Brihadishwara Temple

The Brihadishwara temple. Observe the tall, pyramidal structure at the right, which is one of the goburams. The Shiva linga in the Brihadishwara temple Hey all! I'm back with my next ekphrastic poem, titled "The Brihadishwara Temple".The city of Tanjavur,Owes its gloryTo architectonic wondersAnd ancient history.Yet there was bornAt its heart,A creation consideredA masterpiece of …

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