The Vampire

My next set of tankas:

The vampire watches
Dawn dusk in tenebrous dark,
Once moonlight mizzles
O’er wandering prey, ‘tpounces,
Fangs feast on flavors divine.

The vampire watches
The moon reign over the night,
Its skin pearly white,
Teeth razor sharp,eyes blood-red,
Its desire for blood endless.

The vampire watches
Humans wandering about,
Whether good or bad,
Righteous or reprobate,
They succumb to its bloodlust.

The vampire watches
The moon descend at daybreak,
Its hunting concludes,
Flies a bat at first daylight,
Its fury silenced at last.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

This has been penned for #TankaTuesday, where poets were challenged to write tankas on any topic. You can access the prompt at

For more such poems, refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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