Mother Nature

Image copyright- David, The Skeptic’s Kaddish

A set of haikus:

I would give the world,
For the breathtaking beauty
Of mother nature-

The sight of trees tall,
Painting a flamboyant green
The forest boundless,

The sight of skies grey,
Foretelling storms fiery,
As rainclouds advance,

Earth greeting ether*
Beyond the sea of vastness
Visible to none-

To greet my tired eyes,
Seeking to see such grandeur
‘Ere they see no more.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

*Refers to the skies here.

This has been penned for the #TankaTuesday challenge, where poets were asked to pen ekphrastic poems based on the picture given by David(given above). I tried my hand at penning a ficitonal piece here, describing the sight around the man with the lens(but not portraying him here, sorry for that!). You can access the prompt at .

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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