My late friend

Today, I give you six shardomas written about burying one’s friend. Friendship is the most important thing you can yearn for in life,and losing one is probably the worst pain you can ever feel,its like losing a loved one.

I write this
In memory of
My late friend,
Whose friendship
I treasured beyond limit,
Did so,till his end.

My good friend,
I bid thee farewell,
Cannot give
Nothing more
To rest you forevermore
Than humble verses.

A shelter
Amidst raging storms,
Gave my soul
Warmth and hope,
An everpresent glimmer
Whose goodness shimmered.

A brimming
A desert;
Parched the thirst
Of a wanderer searching
For joy eternal.

O great lord!
Must thou art bestow
This sadness,
This darkness?
Need thou art bring me sorrow,
Morrow come morrow?

I bury
With a heavy heart,
Knowing that
I’ll never feel
The warmth of your words;your soul,
May you attain peace.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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