Today,folks,I present you a poem whose lines consist of only two words.Enjoy!

A shark,
Though predator
Seeks not
To injure,

Its nature
A condition
That cannot
Be cured.

A lion
Can’t help
Feasting on
Plump deer

‘Tseeks not
To savour
Their blood,
Pain sheer.

A storm
Consumes not
All in
Its way

Out of
Plain desire,
As many
Think, ‘tmay.

A human
Injures not
Of need.

Desire for
Sorrow of
In ‘sdeeds*.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

*His deeds

For more such poems, refer The Forgers of Fantasy

8 thoughts on “Shark

      1. Look on the bright side. Canada became the first country to ban shark finning. And it was thanks to that young documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart. Although it was tragic for him when he drowned in early 2017.

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      2. Your right. Just months ago, during Shark Week, there was Gordon Ramsey investigating the whole shark finning thing. He was mostly in Asia such as Thailand and China where they still do it and cannot stop. And yet, it’s very bad while they’re insane.

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