Fragments of Thoughts

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Hey all! I’m back with my first Fragmented Poem, titled “Fragments of Thoughts”. Enjoy!

Wake up from nightmares,
Enter the bathroom sullen,
The shower rains cold water,
Shiver in utter cold,
Your sheer suffering amplified.

Wander aimlessly,
Your senses unconscious,
Unmindful of surroundings,
Eyes bloodshot,mind fatigued
Wishing the pain’d disappear….

Sit alone in class,
Transforming thoughts into poems,
Unmindful of dumb bullies,
Tryin’ to steal my peace,
Teach ’em a lesson, if provoked!

Stare at a laptop,
Hands punching keys at random,
Ears harking horror music,
As weary eyes mewl tears,
The poetic spirit labors.

Scamper to the court,
As friends arrive to play
Basketball, football, cricket,
Finally cheer up,
Play with energy and gusto!

Caress the keyboard,
Continuous strokes enhance
The melody of each tune,
As mind waltzes in joy,
Pour your heart out in your music.

At last, the day ends,
One sorrowful yet merry,
A dawn that brought misery
Dusked in happiness,
Now sleep content, young fella!

-The Forgers of Fantasy

P.S: this has been penned for DVerse, where poets were asked to write fragment poems. You can access the prompt at

Fragment poem:
a  poem of several  numbered stanzas. Each being complete in itself and having only a passing relationship to each other, if at all
a poem of disjointed images (like listening to conversation in passing, repetitively switching between radio/tv station, random images across a screen, or paintings/photos seen in a gallery)

Your poem should NOT conform to any rhyme scheme
Your poem MUST include Fragment(s) somewhere  in the title

For more such poems, refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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