The Little White Rabbit

Hey all!I’m back with my next poem, titled “The Little White Rabbit”.Enjoy!

The little white rabbit
Grew up in a little hole
Well hidden from the rest
Of the humongous forest.

His protective parents
Kept him locked up,
Ne’er to lay an eye
On the world outside.

The little white rabbit
Grew up in a little hole,
He saw not thick groves,
Nor vast canopies above.

Not magnificent trees crowned
With seas of greenery,
He lived ne’er to see
Such bewitching beauty.

The little white rabbit,
Snuck out one day,
Curious to eye
The world outside.

Beguiled by forest’s enormity,
He meandered about,
Watching animals, fascinated,
Skipping about,elated.

He encountered an elephant,
Elephantine in size,
Hopped away in fright,
On noticing his might.

He met a famished fox,
A wily trickster.
The little white rabbit,
Was surely a meal fit.

“O, little one,are you lost?
Come, let me take you home!”
The wily old chap
Sprang a wily trap.

The little white rabbit,
As innocent as ever,
Obliged to go home,
Tired of his roam.

“But first,let us journey
To quench our thirst.”
Even as he lied,
The rabbit complied.

They spotted a spring
Where awaited an ambush,
The little white rabbit
Was devoured bit by bit.

The fox and his friends
Feasted all night long;
The rabbit shrieks echoed,
Its terrible woes.

The little white rabbit
Grew up in a little hole,
Knew not the forest
And the troubles it possessed.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

This is a metaphorical poem related to people who grow up unprepared for what lies in our world,completely oblivious to its troubles,having grown up shielded from such knowledge; and get into trouble when they encounter those troubles.

For more such poems, refer The Forgers of Fantasy

3 thoughts on “The Little White Rabbit

  1. Oh my goodness, i almost shed a tear. How so sweet and sad! I wanted the rabbit to just learn and live. This just brought me sorrow: “The little white rabbit was devoured bit by bit.” But anyway, as it is often said, the bloodier, the sweeter. Many more years of writing ✍

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