Imagination,or Rhyme?

Hey all! I’m back with my first piece of prose. Enjoy!

When I started out writing poetry, I preferred not to pour my thoughts on paper,but rather,I used to think only of the rhyme. From bewitching blooms releasing hypnotizing aromas, to macabre murders and terrible tortures; I wrote only according to what a rhyme scheme demanded,not using my imagination at all,which is why I’ve grown to appreciate the realm of free verse all the more,for it gives us more freedom to let our thoughts flow free.

I literally referred dictionaries and thesauruses for words and synonyms of words that fit a rhyme scheme,for poems were,back then,just groups of lines which rhymed at the end,to me. I didn’t have any understanding of the art of writing poetry, which is why,one day,when I showed my works to a certain friend and asked her opinion,she said, “Veera, today, you’ll live what you’re gonna write,and bring no book,for this one day, we shall give to idleness.”

And we just sat and talked,talked about simple things,lazed about( we had 2 whole free periods in school), until we had to get back to class,and she told me, “There’s more to poetry than just a bunch of words rhyming at the end.It’s art.”

Today,as I’m writing free verse, I find myself indebted to her,for her invaluable advice. Although I sometimes refer the same ol’ dictionaries for words, I don’t let them inhibit my imagination. It must race like a river, continuous, and unstoppable,which is what I think a poem should be made of.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

P.S: I think I’ve exceeded the word limit, I’m sorry for that! 😅 It’s my first time writing prose after all…

P.P.S: This has been penned for DVerse, where poets were asked to write a piece of prose using the lines “bring no book,for this one day, we shall give to idleness.”
You can access the prompt at .

For more such poems, refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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