The Crystal Ball’s Cipher

The Crystal Ball- a painting from John William Waterhouse.

Hey all! I’m back with my next ekphrastic poem. Enjoy!

She observes,transfixed;
Mind wailing with wonderment,
At a crystal ball.

Untold prophecies
Whisper worlds to eager eyes
Fathoming futures.

Mysteries clouded,
Esoteric enigmas
Hidden to her eyes..

She summons stanzas
Meaningless without knowledge
Of unknown within.

Hence she stares,transfixed,
Hungering to decipher
Crystal ball’s ciphers.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

P.S: This has been penned for #TankaTuesday, where poets were asked to write ekphrastic poems describing the photo in question(given above). You can access the prompt at .

For more such poems, refer The Forgers of Fantasy

18 thoughts on “The Crystal Ball’s Cipher

  1. Ohhh, this is a lovely senryu series. I loved this part: “Mysteries clouded, Esoteric enigmas Hidden to her eyes…” She looks pregnant to me, so I wondered if she wondered about the baby she carries? Or, maybe she is reading the crystal ball to learn about someone’s future? ❤

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