Many Waters, A Tribute!

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I recently completed a hyakuin(a renga comprising of a 100 tankas) with David Bogomolny,owner of The Skeptic’s Kaddish. And I’d just like to say that it has been a truly wonderful experience. The following couple of minute poems are a tribute to his efforts!

I must say,I miss your emails,
The ‘lil details
That came with each
Verse you unleashed;

I must say,I miss that ‘lil ping
That’d promptly spring
While I’d sip tea,
Read poetry.

Its been a wonderful journey
Gath’ring this sea
Of words wondrous,
Skill and finesse;

(Part 2)

With you,my friend, your cleverness,
Your adroitness
Taught me plenty,
Taught me plenty…..

You led me through mythology,
As hand in hand,
We cruised dreamlands.

It’s been a wonderful journey,
Hence I thank thee
For your efforts
Complete this work.

-The Forgers of Fantasy.

This is a word of thanks to David,for doing this wonderful collab with me, and really making it special! I do hope we can do another hyakuin,or some other poetry collab in the future,my friend!

For our collab,titled Many Waters, refer .

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

To visit David’s website, refer .

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