My Agenda for 2022

2022 dawned,and with it dawned a new year! And this poem is just about my agenda for 2022. What’s yours? 😉

I’m back with my next cadralor,in the form of 4 katautas and 1 haiku.Enjoy!

Skipping and prancing,
Breathing in fresh,fragrant air,
Aroma of sprightly spring.

Playing basketball,
Without masks,without fear,
Exploding with energy.

Playing the keyboard,
Picking up on my singing,
Performing like I ere did.

Catching up with friends,
Whiling time with family,
Welding wee verses from words.

Pandemic concludes,
I revel in world’s delights,
Like never before.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

For more such poems,you can refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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