The Cold Mountain

Hey all! I’m back with my next haibun. Enjoy!

I recently finished reading “The Hobbit” by J.R.R.Tolkein. Although it was done through reading when I could during school hours in addition to the time spent at home(I dedicated small time to that,actually,what with my projects and assignments to do), I must say it wasn’t an exhausting read at all. I love that the story progressed slowly in some places with a great many details explained, and raced like a horse all of a sudden,catching me unawares. But what I love above all is the courage with which the protagonist faced his adventures and hardships(spoiler alert!)
Okay,I’m gonna reveal a bit of the story here,so everyone who wants to or is currently reading The Hobbit can,well, ignore the little details(if y’all want to). This is a story regarding the adventures of a hobbit(let’s just consider him a small and exceptionally stealthy man) who joins a group of dwarves in regaining a lost treasure unimaginable large and invaluable,but guarded by a fierce dragon. But although reluctant to go at first, the hobbit became bolder and bolder as he faced hardship after hardship, which were large in number, with every option of turning back if he wanted to. But he did not! His immense courage amidst unspeakable horrors, countless encounters with fierce and wicked creatures really surprised me for a little fellow who preferred the armchair and adored his little house in the West.
I think,atop those cold mountains they passed,amidst terrible cold and seemingly endless hunger and strife,the battle he had fought within himself(and with other beasts too) had been far bigger a battle than the one fought between the five armies which came in the end.

Crippled raven chooses
Lonely Mountain,above all*
Battling bitter winter.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

*In the story, a very old raven would appear in the end,acting as a messenger and watchman(watchbird,rather) for the dwarves,while they neared battle.

This has been penned for DVerse,where poets were asked to pen haibuns either on:

A Cold Mountain: the towering heights, frigid temperatures, majestic views, or existential challenges of a mountain. You could even go metaphorical, describing the cold mountain of overwhelming circumstances, or how we make mountains out of mole hills.

The Cold Mountain: a haibun that follows the influence of Hanshan (Cold Mountain), with his immediacy, concern for humanity, and deep devotion to nature.

You can access the prompt at

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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