The Rainmaker

Ever read Asterix and the Soothsayer?

My next set of alouettes:

The rainmaker brought
Not rainfall,but drought,
Yet enjoyed the peoples’ trust,
He brought not fortune,
Just plain misfortune ,
His predictions bags of dust.

The rainmaker caused
Not welfare,but loss,
For many died believing
In baseless beliefs,
That brought relief brief,
Yet utterly deceiving.

The rainmaker brought
Not rainfall, but drought,
Yet we were clearly shown,
Our foolishness brought
The misery wrought
Not by his hands,but our own.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

This is based on an experience, of trusting someone’s notions and beliefs but becoming sad once it turns out false, and regretting having trusted them. I really do feel for myself in that respect!

This has been penned for #TankaTuesday, where it is #ShareYourDay today. You can access the prompt at

For more such poems refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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