The Big Leagues

A poem (my first since ages):

Dreaming night after night
Of reaching the big leagues,
Breathing every moment, the will
To see that wish fulfilled..

Every mile I ran,
Every basket I scored
Was fueled by the desire
To become much more

Than a guy dunking and dribbling
And sharpshooting from far,
Launching fadeaways, alley-ooping
Just to be seen a big star.

Now, as I lie in the midst
Of a court desolate
Listening to winds whisper,
Watching grey clouds gyrate,

I see amidst a storm
Of dejection and dismay
Why big shots I never fought*
And big games I ne’er played

I played not for pleasure,
Only to compete,
P’raps the only reason why
I ne’er reached the big leagues.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

*Vied, competed with.

This has been penned for OLN #321 hosted by Mish. You can access it at .

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy


18 thoughts on “The Big Leagues

  1. Veera, is it too late for “the big leagues” for you? I hope at 15 if you want to pursue it you still could? If you have that competitive spirit why give it up? If I’m getting too nosy, tell me to mind my own business please 🙂

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