Circular Maze

A collab with Riya from

I don’t think for this question,
There exists a straight solution
It’s all just too twisted,
As at sea, my mind drifted.

I’m thinking too direct,
To get results, I suspect,
For nothing seems simple,
I’m just going around in circles.

My eyes turn to the right and the left,
How do I find my way back home?
When both horizons show me a sunset,
Will I reach Miami or Rome?

It’s a maze of mysteries,
All paths seem plausible,
Yet an exit, I cannot see,
I’m just going around in circles.

I drown in this absurdity,
Feeling like an imbecile,
Any more weird if it be,
I’ll tumble down a hill.

Escape seems improbable,
Fortunes unfathomable,
And at last, I realise why,
I’m just going around in circles.

Its been quite a bendy journey.
I had hopes that you would find me,
But when I started to see an end,
I found myself at the start again.

Everytime I give chase, you escape,
As I’m meandering still,
Linearity bespoke my fate,
And I’m just going around in circles.

-The Forgers of Fantasy, Riya

The lines in bold were written by me and the rest, by Riya.

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy


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