Fare Thee Well

It’s been a while since I posted in this blog, yeah? I’ve been feeling sorrowful and incompetent about not being able to conjure a piece of poetry for so long…or have I merely not found the time to dedicate towards it?

It isn’t new, a period when I am not able to write anything, when no ideas indite themselves into verses, but this time it feel different. In the previous dry patches I experienced, I was able to bounce back from them and pen poems almost as efficiently as I had before. But now, I just can’t feel I’ll do the same. The time has come for me to leave poetry, and this blog. I cannot say for how long.

I must thank y’all for your support and appreciation, for they have made me carry on and reach 245 posts. I really enjoyed the collabs I did with various people, and I am sincerely grateful to them for their time and efforts. Its been a real honour to pen poetry with those bright minds.

But now, its time for me to depart, and pursue my other interests, chief among which is academics. The blog shall continue to be open to all, harboring 245 posts of poetry and prose, that reflect a years’ worth of work.

Until I return friends. Fare thee well.



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