Don’t Give Up, Just Yet!

A poem:

When life’s a nightmare,
Delivering dreadful despair
Unveiling unbearable woes,
When all seem unfair,
Don’t give up just yet.

When the world is unkind,
Showers sickening strife,
When bitter horrors unwind,
And you struggle to survive,
Don’t drown in regret.

When all seems lost,friend
Remember, remember well,
No nearer looms the end
Or the harrows of hell
Than you,depressed,project.

When you feel abandoned
To a myriad of misery,
When with life, you’re done,
And wish to be set free,
Don’t greet death, just yet.

When overwhelmed by burden,
And subdued by sorrow,
When you lie disheartened,
Dreading march of morrow,
Better defy than accept.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy

10 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up, Just Yet!

  1. This is amazingggg! The start is sad but by the end it gives the feel of the title “don’t give up”
    Loved this!
    You haven’t posted in a while…what’s up? Writers block? If yeah…me too lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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