The Gravitator

I return at last…

In vile vales of enmity,
The Gravitator loomed,
Where reigned malevolence,
Lifeless lands of gloom.

Tried to forge friendships
Among societies in shambles,
Torn apart by tussles,
Destroyed by decadent battles..

In streets of suffering,
The Gravitator roamed,
A harmless,humble drifter
Seeking a humble home.

Pain invoked pity,
Desolation brought distress,
Despair kindled determination
To revive the lifeless.

A soul seldom serene,
Though outwardly tranquil,
Most imagined him insane,
A freak fresh from hell.

In vile vales of enmity,
The Gravitator once loomed,
Tyrannized, he deserted them,
Abandoned to their doom.

None know where he lies,
P’raps in some unmarked grave,
His endeavors earned him no more
Than a lonesome,infernal fate.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

For more such poems,refer The Forgers of Fantasy


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