The Good Ol’ Days

Today, I am back with a small collab done with Kunjal from Duo Disseminators, who writes poems and also does posts on various other topics. Check out a sample of her writing here( ).
We were talking about the games we used to play when we were young(around 6th or 7th grade) when this idea occurred to us, to pen our thoughts down in verse. And here is the finished poem!

I remember four years ago,
When studies were irrelevant,
When going out and sweating
And playing was important.

Cricket in the morning,
Swimming at twilight,
Football in the evening
And basketball at night.

I remember four years ago
When sleeping did count,
Eyes drowsing innocent,
And blinking up with vigour

Sweat in the hot sun I did,
As every muscle I strained
To give my all in every sport
I played without disdain.

I played without any disdain,
Of yester’s fights,
Enjoying every bit,
In today ‘s sunshine.

And brows drawn
To create something new,
And mind busy on
‘How to add more fun?’

To this question arrived
An answer in games
Invented by young minds
That gained immediate fam

Immediate fame they gained,
Twere played again and again,
New kids learnt them all,
Ne’er forgetting the maker ‘s name

Police and thief, a classic,
That I shall never forget,
Where I remember infiltrating “prisons”
To free jailed suspects.

Ice and water,
Running with madness
To save ourselves from ice,
To unfreeze our friends left.

Capture the flag we chose
To play when many gathered,
Capture the flag we had to,
The guards a spot of bother

The grimmest places
Were the best hideouts,
When lights went out,
It was a chance to tread out.

But when all else didn’t matter,
A good ol’ game of squash did,
Smashing footballs onto the walls,
Ignoring angry parents’ cribs.

And when armed with agility,
The best runners were picked,
They overcame the trail of chasers,
The hills and blocks it contained

Ah those were the good days
When the desk mattered not,
When sweating in the sun
Was quite worth the effort.

-The Forgers of Fantasy
-Kunjal(Duo Disseminators)

The stanzas with bold formatting were written by Kunjal, while other stanzas were penned by me.

Well I think that’s the end of this little collab. Ciao!

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