Forever Waiting

My next set of tankas, written together as an ekphrastic poem.

Standing by the shores
Of the infinite ocean,
Looking day past day
Beyond the boundless skyline,
Searching for a yellow ship….

Both woman and dog
Waiting endlessly,unmoved
For that yellow ship;
Hoping at horizon’s end
‘Twould dawn,a heartening sight.

Unwilling to budge
Until greeted by family,
Returning from war,
Warrior and his war dog,
With unwavering friendship.

Year after year passed,
Their strength withering away,
Their love with’ring not,
They waited,woman and dog,
Till they waited no more*.

-The Forgers of Fantasy

*Here, passed away.

This has been penned for DVerse, where poets were asked to pen ekphrastic poems based on any of the given pictures. You can access the prompt at . Merril D Smith is hosting the prompt today!

For more such poems, you can refer The Forgers of Fantasy

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